Three Reasons to Check for Reviews Before Choosing a Hotel

So you are planning to visit Bangalore, and are wondering which hotel to opt for? How about one of the 5 star hotels in Bangalore? Before you zero in on a hotel, you must check the reviews to give you a fair idea of the hotel and the amenities on offer.

In the first place, does the hotel have any reviews? If it is a well-known hotel and has visitors who have given reviews in the first place, that by itself is a good sign. It means the hotel has seen enough check-ins. Now that you see enough reviews, read on to know why they are important. Here are three reasons:

  • Reviews give you authentic personal stories

Although not all reviews need to be good reviews, when you check out one of the five star hotels in Bangalore and see some of the reviews, you get a fair idea of how many people recommend the hotel and how many don’t. You also get to read the reasons for why past users think a hotel is good or not. There are also star or percentage ratings that help you make a decision.

Reviews are not advertisements that broadcast only the shiny side of a story. They show personal experiences; you get to know what a user thinks of the pool, what another thinks of the food, the ambience, the quality of beds, the Wi-Fi and practically everything you would like to know about a hotel. Reviews are user-generated and authentic; reviews of some of the 5 star hotels in Whitefield Bangalore are provided by ‘people like us’ or (PLUs) which users tend to trust more than any hoarding or sponsored ad. What’s more, many users also provide photos to go with their experiences, and you can get an idea of how the hotel is.

  • Reviews help you understand how genuine the hotel management is, and how they handle customer reactions

When the management responds in an authentic manner to reviews, both good and not-so-good, and promises action, you know they care. You would definitely want to check into a hotel where the management cares to follow up and puts its guests above everything else!

  • Reviews help you compare prices and complete bookings online bypassing agents

Most often, review sites also help you compare prices and make bookings. They can help you check availability, block dates etc immediately. Most people check out review sites to look at hotels that offer the best price for amenities. Gone are the days when people would blindly accept what their agent told them about a hotel. Reviews put the decision-making power in the hands of the user. If you are checking into one of the hotels in Bangalore, it is entirely in your hands to take a call. All you have to do is check out reviews either on the hotel’s website or on third-party sites for authentic information.


Poll: Do you check out online reviews before booking a hotel room?


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