Factors to Consider While Choosing a Honeymoon Destination

So, you are all set to tie the knot with your dream partner, and are busy planning your honeymoon. Goa is one of the most preferred destinations and you can choose a five star resort in Goa for that memorable honeymoon. Before that, have you thought about the factors to consider while choosing the ideal honeymoon destination? Read on for some of them:

A honeymoon is all about romance and surprises; choose a destination that offers you incredible views of sunrises and sunsets. What better than a beach holiday with all the sun, sand and surf? You can laze around by the white sands of South Goa and enjoy the calm and beauty of nature.

  • Special packages

You must also check out what’s special on offer at one of the resorts you opt for. If you are choosing a five star resort, there are certain special packages on offer. What kind of welcome will get five star resort in Goa you choose offer you? We are certain you will be happy to receive a bottle of wine on arrival! How romantic would that be for you and your partner, isn’t it? The resort could also offer an assorted platter of chocolate every day…that would be truly magical for you and your partner.

  • Rooms that offer comfort

The other factor you would need to consider is the accommodation. Check out the rooms and suites available. What are the amenities like? Make sure they are state-of-the-art and special. It would be nice if the five star resort in Goa you are choosing offers private balconies that oversee lush green gardens and water bodies.

  • Opportunities to relax

Holidays, especially a honeymoon, should also be a relaxed time that you spend unwinding at the spa. A nice couples massage, a relaxing aromatherapy session or a Western massage treatment would be just fine for the soul, isn’t it? You could also opt for a yoga session together…the possibilities are endless.

  • Food and drink

Never disregard the fine dining options at the resort you are staying. The restaurants should offer a range of world cuisine. Want a romantic candlelight dinner? The destination you choose and the five star resort should be able to make that available for you. Also check if the resort offers a well-equipped bar or club where you and your love can spend many a relaxed moment together, sipping on your favourite drink.

Different strokes for different folks, so choose a destination based on your interests, budget and time. If you want to experience the sea, sand and sun, Goa is perfect. It typifies the honeymoon spirit and encourages you to let your hair down, go beach hopping, try some water sport and experience the relaxed and de-stressed atmosphere of Goa. It is ideal to visit Goa after the monsoon, although any time of the year has its own charm.

Plan well ahead and make your bookings; Goa is much sought-after, especially during the summer holidays and then Christmas and New Year vacation.

Poll: Which is your favourite honeymoon destination, and why?


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