Benefits of Opting for a Plug and Play Office

If you are looking to set up a new office or business in Gurgaon or looking to expand your business, surely you must be weighing the pros and cons of a traditional and serviced office. There are many advantages when it comes to serviced offices in Gurgaon. Read on for more:

  • A plug and play office is one where you just pay for a set of services and start work any time. It saves you a lot of time and resources which you would have otherwise spent on setting up an office.
  • If you just won a big contract or assignment and are looking to start your own office space, you would first need to scout for an office, seal the rental or lease deal, spend money and energy in setting up the office. This involves everything from office supplies, desks, chairs, interior design, phone lines, Wi-Fi, even hiring staff for a range of tasks. All these are bound to sap resources and distract you from the core aspect of your business.
  • Instead if you opt for one of the serviced offices in Gurgaon, where everything is plug and play, you can opt for a certain number of workstations. The office infrastructure, including phone lines, a receptionist service, ergonomic workstations, lounges, housekeeping supplies…practically everything required for the smooth functioning of an office are all available from the moment you opt for services and make your payment.
  • You can also have the flexibility of choosing only the services that your business requires and pay for only those. If your project is a short-term one, and you are seeking to wind it up in a month or even a few weeks, you can choose to stay only for such a period. This kind of flexibility is absent in traditional workplaces.
  • Yet another advantage of opting for one of the serviced offices in Gurgaon is the location. When you choose a plug and play office in Gurgaon, the location is typically in the CBD. Who wouldn’t want a prestigious location for a workspace? It makes things easy for clients and business associates, apart from your co-workers too.
  • Plug and play offices also offer board rooms, breakout areas and business meeting facilities, so you don’t have to go looking for these amenities elsewhere. It is also a great boon to have access to on-demand services like printing, translation or courier. In a conventional workspace, you would be spending a lot of time and energy organising these facilities.
  • In a plug and play office, you can seek a range of secretarial facilities such as filing, typing etc. without actually hiring or training staff. Hiring and training can be an expensive and time-consuming task if you don’t seek a serviced office facility.

Essentially, if you opt for serviced offices in Gurgaon, you save yourself a lot of operational hassles. You can focus on your business and actually chart a success story.


POLL: Given a chance, would you prefer a serviced office space to a conventional space, or vice versa?


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